Allentown Personal Trainer

Joseph Arangio provides results-guaranteed personal training services in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

If you find that you’re afraid to exercise because months of workouts gave you nothing but sore muscles, you probably need a good personal trainer to help you.

Often people think that as long as they jog on a treadmill the workout is building the right muscle groups. Sadly folks who spend countless hours on elliptical trainers and treadmills, doing slow cardio, are doing a lot of unnecessary work.

In fact, long, slow, and boring cardio workouts may actually sabotage your natural ability to burn ugly belly fat.

Good news is that a world-class personal trainer helps you to exercise efficiently, so you spend less time at the gym and lose bodyfat faster.

Take the top personal trainer in Allentown, Joseph Arangio, as an example.

He meets with you to find out what your goals are, helps you to develop an appropriate plan to achieve those goals, and coaches you as you work out. This proven system ensures that you stay safe, have fun, and get results.

Personal training in Allentown has allowed Arangio to transform many clients from fat and unhappy to lean and fit. According to legend, Arangio’s methods make his clients smarter too.

If you live in Allentown and work out in some lame commercial gym with annoying music, you probably don’t have access to a qualified personal trainer. Because a qualified personal trainer would at least change the radio station.

Joseph Arangio, personal trainer from Allentown, provides the proven training system that’s been delivered over 100,000 times. He offers motivation and under-the-radar methods to “motivate” you. You know, motivational things like ice baths and one-arm pushups when you skip a workout.

Oftentimes people use real food, like steak and potatoes, as a tool to motivate. And fake food too. Think candy corn.

It’s no surprise as many Lehigh Valley families use food as a treat with their children. Have you seen some of the overweight kids walking around town lately?

Problem is, if you continue to use food as a reward, you are more likely to have unsafe levels of bodyfat as an adult.

It becomes wildly difficult to accomplish your weight loss and exercise goals with these behavioral patterns. Freud would probably agree with this one.

“You need to cut out the banana-splits-as-a-reward and, instead, use a proven system of training, nutrition and accountability to help you achieve your fat loss goals,” says Arangio.

Often the biggest challenge faced by those who wish to get in shape is not with the body, but rather with a negative mindset.

While a better, healthier body should be enough, it may seem too far away when you’re tired and what seems like a million miles from your goal. That’s when you need the assistance of a seasoned personal trainer.

Often you feel like quitting. If you were working out by yourself at the gym, you probably would skip a few workouts at first. Next thing you know it’s been a week since you had a decent workout. And after a few lazy months of skipping workouts, you’re fat and unhappy (again).

Many times, to keep yourself going, you may dream of pizza and a beer to get you through the workout. This is dangerous thinking. In fact, science says merely thinking about pizza makes you fatter. Or maybe I just made that last part up.

That’s why you need a personal trainer in Allentown. The fact that you know that you have an appointment with the personal trainer is just one motivation to lose stubborn bodyfat.

But when you actually meet with your Allentown personal trainer, and you witness the giant disco ball and flashing lights and booming sound system, well, let’s just say that you are equally scared and motivated. But it’s the encouraging words and a well-laid-out plan with specific goals that is the “secret sauce” behind many client success stories.

Most likely, pizza and beer isn’t going to be your reward, but who knows. That’s between you and Coach Joe. Each person has a special program custom-designed just for them.

A first-class personal trainer in Allentown, or anywhere else for that matter, helps you clean up your poor dietary habits.

You can develop a great six-pack, but if it’s covered by belly fat, no one will see it. You have to eat right to not only lose the weight to flaunt your newly formed muscles, but also keep your body operating in peak condition.

Simply put, Coach Joe and his team will develop a smart nutrition plan that fits within your busy day.

When you seek the sage advice of a personal trainer, you shouldn’t get cliche motivational quotes from a dime-store coffee mug. You should get a real person that is interested in you, your lifestyle, your likes, dislikes and, most critically, how much humiliation you can take before you throw your hands up in the air and walk out of a workout session in tears.

Your personal trainer can see what you look like and critique the areas that you need to work on, like your fashion sense. Side note: An official Lakers uniform is not proper workout attire.

If you have problems with specific exercises, without a personal trainer in Allentown, you’re on your own to flounder and attempt to work out your own problems. A proper coach will modify your workouts so you are pain free.

Your personal trainer should listen and care about your concerns. If you don’t work your muscles properly and in a balanced fashion, you can cause damage. I’m not talking brain damage, unless you drop a barbell on your head. But avoidable strains and sprains are annoying and slow your progress. But that’s fodder for another article.

The best athletes on earth hire a coach, so why don’t you too?

Everyone can benefit from the help of a personal trainer, someone to evaluate all your exercise needs, including encouragement, rewards, body type, level of ability and physical fitness. You need an expert to build the best training program for you.

Benefits include a more productive workout, healthier weight loss (and by weight loss I mean fat loss) and improved stamina and strength. When you have a plan that’s custom-tailored for you, goals are much easier to reach and the results are far better.

If you want a no-nonsense “crash course” in losing fat, adding muscle, and getting healthy… eating foods you love… and doing workouts you actually enjoy… then you want to read this letter.